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Local Steamboat Business Now Uses Cleaning Agent That Combats COVID-19

Change. We have all dealt with it in our lives. This last month or more has brought a lot of it. Changes we wouldn’t have expected when we started to hear whispers of sickness halfway across the globe.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on the Corona virus. But I do want to share my story, because in times like this, when we can’t get together and talk, sharing can bring us together.

We are all having different experiences, and we are all adapting in different ways to fit our lives. As a local business owner of several small Steamboat companies that all revolve around family/home care, I have had to implement unimaginable changes to our businesses to adapt to a new way of operating.

Fortunately, I have gotten proficient at following my intuition when making business decisions, and this is one that I’m thankful for.

Right before the airlines had stopped flying, I attended a conference in Las Vegas. I didn’t know at the time how important it would be. Covid-19 was in the news, but, at that time, it hadn’t spread into the US at alarming numbers yet. I remember thinking the airport seemed a little quiet, but I somehow knew this event was going to be important to our town. I attended the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification conference. While at this conference learning about the newest innovations and techniques in cleaning & restoration, the Las Vegas strip shut down.

It was at that point that gravity of the situation really hit me.

In this vibrant, rebellious city, no one was outside. No one was open. The bright lights twinkled, but it was a ghost town.

Felling so certainly that this information at the conference was even more critical to our community, I soaked in all the information I could.

Not only did I bring back new knowledge, but I brought back a new cutting-edge cleaning agent. Prokure V. This potent agent was the main reason I even got on the plane to come home.

The chemical is listed by the EPA to use against SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

It’s being used in hospitals and clinics throughout the country, and the best thing about it is it’s incredible versatility. We can spray it, mop with it, or just wipe down surfaces without leaving behind any harmful residue!

The companies I own and operate are Alpine Fireplace and Appliance/Alpine Heating and Air Conditioning, Start 2 Finish, and 5 Star Cleaning. So you can understand why this was such a huge priority for us.

Every one of my businesses promises cleanliness & safety.

At 5 Star Cleaning, not only are we cleaning personal properties, but we are cleaning commercial properties as well (stores and office buildings throughout Steamboat). Start 2 Finish is a remediation company where we remain at-the-ready for emergencies and disasters (such as leaks & floods), cleaning the mess and helping with the insurance companies. Alpine Fireplace and Appliance, selling and servicing fireplaces and appliances, has been hit the hardest by this pandemic. Most people are terrified to allow anyone in their homes, even for necessary repairs.

We knew we needed to adjust to the new requirements of safety to maintain the values of our company.

  • Across ALL of our businesses and ALL of our jobs, we now use the only chemical approved to use on ridding the COVID-19 virus. For EVERY cleaning project. On EVERY remediation project. On EVERY fireplace and appliance service call. Without exception, we use the best cleaning agent there is for this current pandemic.
  • Our safety requirements for our technicians have become far more stringent – for or customers’ safety and the safety of our technicians entering homes.
  • To further protect our employees, we have limited service calls to two days a week, reducing their potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • It’s now mandatory to wear gloves and masks on all on-site visits.
  • Our office is no longer open to walk-ins.
  • Many employees are working from home. What an adjustment for all of us! Which has been quite the adjustment, but has been working wonderfully.

Along with all these businesses changes, we have taken on new roles at home. As schools are closed and our 3 kids are home, we are all taking on a hands-on roles in their education.

We know that we are not the only companies reevaluating to help our staff and their families juggle all these new tasks.

And what we also know is that Steamboat is a community full of families, just like ours. And that knowledge keeps us going every day … to help this community come out of this stronger. We can feel good knowing that we are doing our part.

We know how hard this change is for us and our workers. We know how stressful it is in our small town. We are such a tight knit community, and isolation is not easy. Change isn’t easy, but it is needed now more than ever. We are happy we have been able to adapt to what is required at this time. Even if it means sacrifice in other aspects of our business.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you, and thank you for listening to my story. When this is all over, we hope to hear yours as well.

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