How to Read a Par Sheet When Playing Slots


When you go to play slot machines, you’ll notice a variety of features. For example, you’ll find information on payback percentage, Reel setup, Symbols, and Jackpots. You’ll also be able to find out the house edge and know what the odds are. However, these features aren’t always disclosed, so it’s important to know how to read a par sheet to determine what the house edge is and how it compares to other games.

Payback percentage

Payback percentage of slot machines is a metric used by gambling operators to measure the payout rate of a machine. The percentage varies from one machine to another and depends on the type of game and the denomination of coins played. In general, the higher the denomination, the higher the payback.

Reel setup

The slot reel setup is an important aspect of slot machine gameplay. It determines how many winning combinations, paylines, and overall payout percentage are possible. The majority of slots use a five-reel setup, but some can have as many as nine columns. Understanding the slot reel setup can help you better prepare for bonus rounds and big jackpots.


Slot symbols are the symbols that appear in slot machines. These symbols can be in the form of a picture, symbol, or a number. Standard symbols include ‘A, K, Q, J, 10’, and ‘9.’ However, in some older video slots, you may find more traditional symbols like a seven, diamond, or BAR symbol. While these symbols are not rare, they may not be the most appealing to players.


When you play slot machines, jackpots are a common prize. Some jackpots are built into the machine and some are a prize pool held by the casino. However, winning a jackpot is not always easy. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning.

Electronic vs. mechanical slots

One of the main differences between mechanical and electronic slot machines is the way the machines handle coins. A mechanical slot has a coin-handling mechanism where the coin is inserted and then rolls down a slope. Coins of the wrong size fall into a reject slot, but genuine coins continue down the slope and trip a switch which releases the handle for pulling.


The random number generator (RNG) used in a slot machine determines which symbols will appear on the reels. It works by generating random numbers every millisecond that are translated into specific numbers that correspond to the symbols found on the reels. The numbers are then used by the game software to determine which symbols will be displayed. This method gives developers the flexibility to adjust the weights of symbols on the reels.

Multi-coin/multi-line slots

Multi-coin/multi-line slot games offer players multiple ways to win. They have multiple betting lines and can offer thousands of winning combinations. These types of games can be played for fun or for real money.

Buy-a-pay slots

Buy-a-pay slots let players pay for the combinations of symbols that they want to match up. For example, a paytable may list three cherries, three gold bars, and three monkeys. If you want to win the top prize, you could bet one credit to activate the cherries, two credits to activate the gold bars, or three credits to activate all three combinations.