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While COVID-19 Forces Us to Focus Inside Our Own Homes, One Business Continues To Focus on the Community

For an industry that relies on in-person contact, the real estate business has had to quickly adapt to isolation orders. Access to technology has become a lifeline, both for maintaining personal connections and for conducting business. For the first time, sellers are doing live tours for potential buyers with both agents present online. Several agents are writing sight unseen contracts with a caveat in place to cancel after a walk-through inspection. At no time has the level of trust between an agent and a client been more critical.

All of these cultural changes created a disconnect that goes against Colorado Group Realty’s core value: take care of the community as a whole.

To respond, they had to ask themselves how they can adapt to stay true to their values. “Our outlook is beyond our brokers; it’s about what we can do to help our community stay together,” said Michelle Parilla, Broker Associate. We needed to find a way to take care of all of our neighbors: employees, clients, and the community.

Part of their response to this unprecedented impact to our community: This month the CGR Charitable Foundation is auctioning a recently retired gondola from the Steamboat Ski Area in order to raise funds for four local non-profit organizations.

“When we acquired the gondola through our donation to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps., we thought it would be fun to have a piece of Steamboat history at our downtown office for the community to enjoy,” said Steve Goldman, CEO of CGR. “But the pull to help those in need during this time is so strong, that it was an easy decision to use the gondola to raise funds to go directly to those most impacted by this pandemic.”

To learn how to participate in the auction, scroll to the very end of this post and you’ll find all the details.

Another unforeseen impact of this pandemic is the self-isolation and the impact on their own internal culture. Fortunately, CGR already had a strong culture built around communication can motivation, and that has never been more important and impactful than right now. Goldman has found himself modifying more than the group’s financial decisions. He communicates frequent motivational pep talks from his home and shares virtual interviews with experienced brokers and community leaders.

“I feel more connected now than ever,” Parilla said.

Lastly, how CGR conducts business with home buyers has dramatically changed.

  • Virtual home tours, Zoom calls, webinars and online seminars have become the norm during the current COVID-19 orders.
  • Shelley Stanford, CGR’s Managing Broker, imparts news on the ever-changing industry rules and regulations she gets from the Attorney General or Governor.
  • Her and Goldman are in constant contact with the Board of Realtors and make sure CGR agents are aware of any grants and loans that are available. Information they are keen to share with competing agents and business owners.

“We want our agents to thrive through this,” said Stanford. “We’ve had the same core of owners since 2002 and we are not a closed door office; there is always someone to help out.”

Communication is key. Agents are using this time to build their relationships with clients and other brokers by making calls to listen to concerns and share support. “I think a lot of people are just waiting, watching and asking questions right now,” said Kelly Becker, Broker/Owner at CGR.

Agents have seen some closings this month and interest in property due to necessity or the low mortgage rates. “There has never been a better time to buy a place in the mountains,” Becker said.

It is a sentiment felt by many. “I think we will start seeing more people buying a retreat in fear of this happening again,” Stanford said.

In a time of uncertainty, Colorado Group Realty is relying on the one thing they do best: taking care of the place and the people who call Routt County home.

From the insides of their offices … to the clients that they service … all the way to the community at large, CGR is focused on their neighbors through all of this.

To connect with Colorado Group Realty:

Own the ultimate piece of Steamboat while supporting the community in a time of extreme need. The Colorado Group Realty Charitable Foundation is donating our retired Steamboat gondola and will split 100% of the proceeds raised evenly amongst four local non-profits who are providing valuable support to the community related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Advocates of Routt County, to support survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Routt County United Way, the proponents for the health, education and financial stability of every person in the community
  • Routt County Council on Aging, who supports senior citizens and for their Meals on Wheels food delivery program
  • Integrated Community, to support the integration of non-English speaking community members

100% of the money raised from the sale of the gondola will provide crucial resources for each organization to expand their already stretched needs. This gondola may be retired but the last run for this car will be its most beneficial!

The bidding starts at 8PM on April 15th and closes at 8PM on May 1st. Visit www.32auctions.com/CGRGondola to bid!

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